Uncover Your Cloud Readiness With This eBook

Is Your Company Ready to Lift and Shift to Cloud Computing?

cover_cloud_readiness_ebook.jpgYour Cloud Shift can either take off like a carefully engineered NASA launch vehicle – or it can flounder its way around like a homemade bottle rocket. What separates you from one option or the other is good assessment and preparation prior to diving in.

Download the cloud migration eBook, "Cloud Readiness: Preparing to Lift and Shift Your Applications to the Cloud" to assist you with your migration journey right now!




With This FREE Cloud Migration eBook, You’ll:

  • Learn the 5 steps of any cloud migration process, from Lift and Shift to Lift and Evolve.
  • Understand the potential landmines you want to avoid in migration.
  • Gain confidence in, and strengthen, your Cloud Shift planning.
  • Avoid surprises and gain insight around mission critical applications.
  • Understand how qualitative benefits like agility-to-market will want to make you shift sooner, rather than later (and, make you feel smarter that you did!).
  • Learn how your existing staff can be both your largest asset, and your biggest roadblock.
  • Understand how organizational change management can make or break your Cloud Shift migration.

Whether you’re just preparing to Lift and Shift applications to the cloud, you have a fully thought-out road map, or you are seeking out cloud migration services, your management and implementation of a Cloud Shift will be vastly improved with this tool in your cloud migration toolbox.

Let "Cloud Readiness: Preparing to Lift and Shift Your Applications to the Cloud" be your guide.